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CALYP Vocal Masterclass – intensive vocal courses for professional singers

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CALYP – Centre d’Art Lyrique de Paris: Who are We?

CALYP is a professional vocal training area located in Paris, France. CALYP is a vocal school where professional artists teach.  Adeline Toniutti is the President of CALYP and vocal teacher. Her vocal technique allows many artists to become professional singers. She works at CALYP with the pianist and vocal chief of the Paris Opera, Ruta Lenciauskaite.

The teaching is addressed to: opera singers, jazz and pop singers, actors, choristers, vocal teachers.

CALYP is based on the fact that in order to work, a singer needs to meet several requirements:

  • Treatment of anatomo-physiological blockages reducing the progression,
  • Learning of an authentic vocal technique,
  • Control of the diction of the various languages sung,
  • Acquisition of style and musicality proper to each repertoire,
  • The development of interpretative qualities in the theatrical and musical play,
  • The psychological singularity that must be embraced by the performer.

The result is the openness, beyond the control of the vocal technique as well as orchestral and theatrical sensitivities, with the intervention of several experts, among others: vocal coach, singing chief, voice clinician, osteopath, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, psychologist, etiopath, choreographer, ENT surgeon, speech pathologist, language coach, stage expression coach, artistic agent

CALYP – Centre d’Art Lyrique de Paris organizes vocal masterclass for professional singers.


Experiences of each participant lean towards the same objective: the fulfilment of the artistic awakening in each person, as well as the achievement of professional objectives.

Ruta Lenciauskaite, vocal chief of the Paris Opera, will be available on CALYP Vocal Masterclass





International CALYP Vocal Masterclass – Centre d’Art Lyrique de Paris


Intensive vocal courses for professional singers  – Vocal Masterclass


October 29th, 30th, 31st, and November 1st 2016 at Moulin d’Andé in Normandy (located at 1 hour from train Paris station: Gare de Paris Saint-Lazare, France).

vocals masterclass of calyp - centre d'art lyrique de Paris - intensive international singing and professional course - opéra de Paris

CALYP Vocal Masterclass – Participants are:

  • Adeline Toniutti, vocal teacher, CALYP President
  • Ruta Lenciauskaite, vocal chief of the Paris Opera – Bastille Opera (Paris) – Champs-Elysées Theatre (Paris)
  • Pierre-Yves Prédour, osteopath et physiotherapist at Paris Bastille
  • Jean Charmoille, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychanalyst and lyric artist, dramatic tenor
  • Agathe Prédour, stage director and drama teacher
  • Marie-Claude Godon, artistic agent
  • André Bercoff, journalist and writer, TV personality

CALYP Vocal Masterclass: How to register?

You have to send an email written in English on our contact form – our team will get back to you

The candidate selection is based on application.

The administrator will then send you a file to be filled out.

A paid-advance deposit of 300 Euros has to be sent to:


ASS. Centre d’Art Lyrique de Paris –

IBAN number : FR76 3005 6000 9700 9700 6821 510 –



Rate (CALYP vocal Masterclass – Centre d’Art Lyrique de Paris)


-280 Euros per person for accommodation expenses to be paid by bank transfer to Moulin d’Andé. The price includes the accommodation in a double room – meals provided – access to pianos – all inclusive.(Association culturelle du moulin- IBAN number : FR76 1027 8021 6200 0201 8000 158 – BIC: CMCIFR2A)

For those wishing a single room, please contact directly Moulin d’Andé by email; please note that the price will be increased.


The vocal masterclass starts on Saturday October 29th at 9:00 am, and ends on Tuesday November 1st at 6:00 pm.

For those wishing to arrive a day before the beginning of the vocal masterclass, it is possible by directly making a reservation contacting Moulin d’Andé.


-720 Euros per person for the educational costs to be paid by cheque made out to CALYP – Centre d’Art Lyrique de Paris



  • 2 osteopathy sessions with Pierre-Yves Prédour
  • 1 biomechanics/physiologic approach lesson – duration 1 h 30
  • 2 individual vocal lessons with Adeline Toniutti
  • 1 vocal technique lesson– collective warm-up every morning with Adeline Toniutti
  • 2 individual coaching with vocal chief Ruta Lenciauskaite
  • 2 theatre lessons with Agathe Prédour
  • 2 group lessons with all the coaches and debriefing
  • 1 public concert in the Moulin d’Andé performance hall
  • 1 coaching/briefing with the artistic agent
  • 1 concert on Tuesday November 1st 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Moulin d’Andé performance hall, piano accompaniment by vocal chief Ruta Lenciauskaite

You can see our photo gallery  of the vocal Masterclass.